Annual Report

Community Relations

Public goodwill doesn’t happen by accident, but it is an important measure for any significant organization. While critical for retailers, it is also important that manufacturers be well regarded in their headquarters and plant communities. A favorable community relations standing also helps give employees pride in the company they work for, increasing the payback.

Relationship building with area groups

establish ties...      [+/-] the organization in company communities.

Liaison with neighborhood nonprofits

localized news releases on topics...      [+/-]

...of interest, highlighting company contributions.

Area information programs

if appropriate, periodic simple newsletter...      [+/-]

...noting plant area developments.

Business community relations

enhancing standing with area businesses...      [+/-]

...through chambers and other groups.

Social network relations

tapping into social media sites that have a presence...      [+/-] your region can provide a useful channel for imparting information about your organization.