Do you have a crisis communications plan?

Crisis Communications

A crisis is in many ways unpredictable, but a company’s communications can impact its effect. The ability to assess the circumstances and respond appropriately and accurately is vital. Experience in dealing with such circumstances is valuable. Being prepared is best, with a crisis communications plan that can be put into action.

Strategic analysis

an experienced eye can provide a quick evaluation...          [+/-]


...of a disaster scene and likely scenarios for coverage, with the judgment to lay out communications options. A disciplined approach is needed, with controls on who can speak for the company and the importance of avoiding speculation.

Crisis communications plans

the key is to be proactive, rather than reactive....          [+/-]


...By thinking through scenarios and how to best respond, you’ll be much more ready when a crisis occurs. It’s not a matter of if, but when, so having clear procedures established can help limit the damage.

Working relationship with media

with experience on both sides of the mic...          [+/-]


...The Wallace Group professionals understand the needs and motivations of the media and can manage communications in a way that a company’s interests are protected.