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Graphic Design, Branding, Advertising, Corporate Identity

A company logo is like a signature, but requires a proper focus, a creative eye, a steady hand and a commitment to consistency. Applying one’s corporate image across the board is essential. The advertising that supports the company’s efforts must be carefully targeted, speak to the differences between the company and its competitors amd reach the target audience.

Logo design and branding

using a graphic to represent the image of the organization...      [+/-]

...and then carrying out that theme throughout all elements representing the company.


pictures speak volumes, but do they...      [+/-]

...communicate the right message? Composition follows purpose and the purposeful photographer shoots with the goal in mind.


creating an appropriate message and choosing the right medium.. [+/-]

...for that message from postcards to billboards to radio and television spots.

All communication materials

all materials representing the organization, from newsletters...  [+/-] annual reports, use words and graphics in the right medium to communicate the appropriate message to the targeted audience.