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"words that sing"

Marketing Communications

The right the right time. Whether it’s an ad or a multi-media presentation, the key is striking the right notes in communicating the excitement, the urgency or the assurance of the message, issue or product. Creative and coupled with credible content, effective marketing communications moves your company forward.

Strategic planning

Mapping out a plan of action...          [+/-]

...for marketing communications and following it is always more effective than “shoot from the hip” reactions, except for those rare sudden targets of opportunity. We’ll help develop objectives and tactics to move you down the field.

Event planning

Special events can help...          [+/-]

...set the stage for success, create an atmosphere that helps build personal connections and make your organization’s presence and significance known.

Personal networking skills

Make the most of...          [+/-]

...those business and social events where you encounter prospects and others in your field by learning to make those quick “meets” memorable and meaningful.

Multi-media presentations

The bar keeps getting higher...          [+/-] make sure your presentations hold the audience and deliver your message with flair.

Advertising, direct mail and print

Traditional marketing tools...           [+/-]

...can be most effective, depending on your audience, but only when used properly. Focus on the functional avenues to reach your desired customers.