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Media relations is multifaceted, encompassing situations ranging from an emergency at a company facility that attracts news coverage to a thoughtful piece in the Sunday business section of a leading newspaper, or a feature on how your organization serves the community. All have a bearing on how your organization is viewed by the public, its business prospects and its marketing success.

News releases

the primary tool for getting the story out...          [+/-]

...when you have something to say, the news release must be clear, accurate and show why it deserves the editor’s attention.

Feature stories

engaging and informative stories...          [+/-]

...that are not time sensitive can convey important information about your organization, build goodwill and stimulate interest.

Opinion pieces

tight, well-written articles...          [+/-]

...on public policy and business issues can provide a needed perspective for readers and establish the writer as an authority on the subject.

Media kit

we assemble key facts and interesting information...          [+/-]

...about your organization and its people and packages them for easy use by reporters, editors and producers. The more you tell your own story, in your own words, the better the chance of the media getting it right!

Public service announcements

messages of general interest can attract attention...           [+/-]

...from media outlets and help spread the word, if produced in a noncommercial fashion.

Editorial conferences

topics of urgency affecting the public welfare...           [+/-]

...or government action can often be addressed meaningfully through editorial conferences, involving the editors of the news department, the opinion page editor and several editorial writers. These off-the-record sessions often lead to more informed and significant attention to an issue.