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Media Training

What are your reactions when the media wants an interview? Don’t look upon it as a threat, but an opportunity to at least give your side of the story, or optimistically, talk about your newest program or latest product line. The key is to be prepared and The Wallace Group provides hands on training in dealing with media interviews, offering instruction, on camera run-throughs, and individualized critiques and tips. Tailored training programs and seminars are also available.

Media/interview training

individualized in-studio training for groups...         [+/-]

...up to eight provides opportunities to learn how to respond to questions and make one’s points effectively.

Tailored training

personalized coaching...         [+/-] media presentation techniques and public speaking.


when only face-to-face communication will do...         [+/-]

...seminars are provided to groups of employees on how the media operates, and how employees should handle media requests and seek to connect them with the appropriate company spokesperson.