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Online Communications

More information travels over the Internet than ever before, with opportunities galore for companies and organizations to project their messages. From a well-conceived website to effective e-newsletters or opinion research, The Wallace Group can help. WG can also help you track responses to your cyber efforts with website analytics.


build and maintain a consistent online message...      [+/-]

...that will stand tall and complement all other communications. Photos, graphics and video can be attached to a website effectively, and draw greater search engine attention.


as life and society continue to shift online...      [+/-]

...electronic newsletters offer important reminders and stimulate thoughts and interaction with your key audiences.

Online survey, polling, announcements

gaining feedback...      [+/-]

...from targeted audiences on specific questions.

Facebook/Twitter Web 2.0 tools

interactive social media tools are customized...      [+/-] share information and shape reputations for organizations, individuals, companies and products.


public speakers now reach...      [+/-]

and can interact with anyone online, saving precious time, conveying information and gathering feedback.

Website analytics

Careful analysis with sophisticated tools...      [+/-]

...inform you of the site elements attracting traffic.