Speaking out

Speaking Out/ Public Policy Research

Whether it is a speech to an industry organization, a presentation for shareholders at a company’s annual meeting or a talk to a business or community group, it is important to be well-prepared and comfortable before an audience. A well-written presentation uses words and speaking skills to move an audience and persuade people to accept your position.



from formal policy presentations and statesman-like addresses...   [+/-]

...to friendly sales and community relations talks, The Wallace Group is experienced in taking ideas and presenting them in a clear, engaging and meaningful way.

Speech coaching

The Wallace Group will provide experienced help...      [+/-]

...in refining presentation skills, working with support materials, reading one’s audience and maintaining confidence when presenting.

Visual support

whether graphs and charts, photos or cartoons, or video...      [+/-]

...the Wallace Group can provide the visual support that can help make a talk exceptional and memorable.


The Wallace Group can support your public speaking efforts with news releases...      [+/-]

...both before and after a presentation, obtaining maximum return on the time invested in such appearances.