Strategic Planning

Customized, careful, analysis ... You’ve taken the time to think things through, but how do you communicate to your audience? What’s the best strategy to employ? The answers to these questions will no doubt impact the overall effectiveness of any communications effort. We can help lay out a path to marketing and communications success.



how well do you know your organization...      [+/-]

...How is it known to your customers and the public? Positioning exercises help to lay this foundation and, with sound analysis, can guide future communications efforts to the successful desired outcomes.

Marketing Plan

you have valuable products and services...     [+/-]

...and a mission, but now you need to methodically create a strategy to reach your desired audience. The Wallace Group melds established marketing techniques with creative approaches to develop a plan that will achieve your goals.

Public Relations Counseling

reputation management is often an intricately woven grid...     [+/-]

...filled with near endless elements and overlaid with nuances. We help you sort out your messages, and provide the tools needed to convey them in an effective manner.