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The veteran public relations practitioners of The Wallace Group have served clients across multiple industries, from human service organizations, professional service firms, public companies, startups, trade associations and more. Asking questions, researching issues and charting strategies, the firm offers high level consulting and experienced counsel.

Every organization has a message, stories to tell and other important information to convey. Drawing these out, translating the jargon and moving audiences to action requires skill, understanding and flexibility. Experience builds upon knowledge and having been there. Wisdom is the hoped-for result.

The Wallace Group promotes honest discussions to paint possible scenarios and a variety of approaches. Backgrounds in journalism, public relations, counseling and marketing bring a well-rounded approach to projects and media campaigns.

Effective communications can thrive with trusted relationships. The Wallace Group partners well with clients who value integrity, follow through and a commitment to an organization’s mission and values.

Firm leaders engage directly with clients, bringing much experience in working with committees, executives and managers.

The Wallace Group

They also connect with frontline staff to gather information, recognize achievements and explore opportunities.

The firm's award-winning communications can bridge the gap between internal realities and external needs, bringing an outsider’s perspective with an insider’s understanding. A phone call, text or email can start the process of seeing if The Wallace Group can be a good fit.

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