Our values

Honest, open communication

We give an outside perspective, sharing advice and expertise to solve both external and internal challenges. Communications projects are relational, not static or sterile. We ask the hard questions, and the easy ones, to more thoroughly understand a client’s needs and priorities. Thinking things through requires verbalizing the issues and coming up with solutions together.

Ideas, dreams, and options

Creativity is a large part of what we do, and part of that is having an open mind to see the possibilities, while also being able to drum up more options to consider. Most people like choices. Not all brainstorming sessions will produce that “magic” solution, or brilliant tagline, but will often move toward it. We’re in this together.

Getting the big picture

How might your target audiences view your messages? What will your prospects think or say? Your critics? What are the basics and intricacies of your market or industry? How does your organization stand out?

Opportunities, trends, and culture

How does your product or service fit in today’s news cycle? What are the trends? What answers can you provide?

Preparation, planning, paving the way

Some public relations efforts are planned months ahead. Others just appear and require quick thinking and a careful response. We examine the possibilities for both and help set a course for action.

We all desire respect, trust, partnerships

How we treat each other matters, and the best put their ego aside, talking and listening to people they trust before making significant decisions. Sometimes the struggle can be to think objectively about a situation in which one is deeply involved. Good questions can help open things up for a more thorough examination. The decision may end up being the same, or different, but the main thing is to think it through.