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Customized, careful analysis- you’ve taken the time to think things through, but how do you communicate to your audience? What’s the best strategy to employ? The answers to these questions will no doubt impact the overall effectiveness of any communications effort. We can help layout a path to marketing and communications success.


How well do you know your organization? How is it known to your customers and the public? Positioning exercises help lay this foundation and, with sound analysis, can guide future communications efforts to desired outcomes.

Marketing plan

You have valuable products and services and a mission, but now you need to create a strategy to reach your desired audience methodically. The Wallace Group melds established marketing techniques with creative approaches to develop a plan to achieve your goals.

Public relations counseling

Reputation management is often an intricately woven grid filled with near-endless elements and overlaid with nuances. We help you sort out your messages and provide the tools needed to convey them effectively.

The right words at the right time. Whether it’s an ad or a broader presentation, the key is to strike the right notes in communicating the excitement, the urgency, or the assurance of the message, issue, or product. Creative and coupled with credible content, effective marketing communications move your company forward.

Strategic planning

Mapping out a plan of action for marketing communications and following it is always more effective than “shoot from the hip” reactions, except for those rare sudden targets of opportunity. We’ll help develop objectives and tactics to move you down the field.

Event planning

Special events can help set the stage for success, create an atmosphere that helps build personal connections and make your organization’s presence and significance known.

Personal networking skills

Make the most of those business and social events where you encounter prospects and others in your field by learning to make those quick “meets” memorable and meaningful.


The bar keeps getting higher, so make sure your presentations hold the audience and deliver your message with flair.

Advertising, direct mail, and print

Traditional marketing tools can be highly effective, depending on your audience, but only when used correctly. Focus on the functional avenues to reach your desired customers.

Media relations are multifaceted, encompassing situations ranging from an emergency at a company facility that attracts news coverage to a thoughtful piece in the Sunday business section of a leading newspaper, or a feature on how your organization serves the community. All have a bearing on how your organization is viewed by the public, its business prospects, and its marketing success.

News releases

The primary tool for getting the story out when you have something to say, the news release must be clear, accurate, and show why it deserves the editor’s attention.

Feature stories

Engaging and informative stories that are not time-sensitive can convey important information about your organization, build goodwill and stimulate interest.

Opinion pieces

Tight, well-written articles on public policy and business issues can provide a needed perspective for readers and establish the writer as an authority on the subject.

Public service announcements

Messages of general interest can attract attention from media outlets and help spread the word if produced in a non-commercial fashion.

Editorial conferences

Topics of urgency affecting the public welfare or government action can often be addressed meaningfully through editorial conferences involving the editors of the news department, the opinion page editor, and several editorial writers. These off-the-record sessions often lead to more informed and significant attention to an issue.

What are your reactions when the media wants an interview? Don’t look upon it as a threat, but an opportunity to at least give your side of the story, or optimistically, talk about your newest program or latest product line. The key is to be prepared, and The Wallace Group provides hands-on training in dealing with media interviews, offering instruction, on-camera run-throughs, and individualized critiques and tips.

Media/interview training

Individualized in-studio training for groups up to eight provides opportunities to learn how to respond to questions and make one’s points effectively.

Tailored training

Personalized coaching in media presentation techniques and public speaking.


When only face-to-face communication will do seminars are provided to groups of employees on how the media operates and how employees should handle media requests and seek to connect them with the appropriate company spokesperson.

A company logo is like a signature but requires a proper focus, a creative eye, a steady hand, and a commitment to consistency. Applying one’s corporate image across the board is essential. The advertising that supports the company’s efforts must be carefully targeted, speak to the differences between the company and its competitors and reach the target audience.

Logo design and branding

Using a graphic to represent the organization's image and then carrying out that theme throughout all elements representing the company.


Pictures speak volumes, but do they communicate the right message? Composition follows purpose and the purposeful photographer shoots with the goal in mind.


Creating an appropriate message and choosing the suitable medium for that message from online ads to postcards, billboards to radio and television spots.

All communication materials

All materials representing the organization, from newsletters to annual reports, use words and graphics in a suitable medium to communicate the appropriate message to the targeted audience.

A crisis is in many ways unpredictable, but a company’s communications can impact its effectiveness. The ability to assess the circumstances and respond appropriately and accurately is vital. Experience in dealing with such circumstances is valuable. Being prepared is best, with a crisis communications plan that can be put into action.

Strategic analysis

An experienced eye can provide a quick evaluation of a disaster scene and likely scenarios for coverage, with the judgment to layout communications options. A disciplined approach is needed, with controls on who can speak for the company and the importance of avoiding speculation.

Crisis communications plans

The key is to be proactive rather than reactive. By thinking through scenarios and how to best respond, you’ll be much more ready when a crisis occurs. It’s not a matter of if, but when, so having clear procedures established can help limit the damage.

Working relationship with media

With experience on both sides of the mic, The Wallace Group professionals understand the needs and motivations of the media and can manage communications so an organization’s interests are protected.

Producing quality publications attuned to the presenter and demonstrating an understanding of the intended readers is key to effective communications. Our experience in corporate communications, marketing, and addressing the concerns of employees and the public position us to meet your needs.


Digital and print materials are powerful tools to alert others to your services and products. Whether a corporate brochure, friendly informational piece, one sheet handouts, or other collateral, messages tailored to your audience will bring the best results.

Annual and quarterly reports

Intelligent and accurate, yet accessible to the reader - well-written and produced reports boost investor relations or nonprofit development programs.


By engaging readers with stories they deem necessary, your message connects with hearts and minds and builds loyalty. Unlike advertising messages, effective marketing communications newsletters can move opinions and impact the culture, while employee newsletters can build belief in the company and its policies while enhancing worker understanding of the organization.

Whether it is a speech to an industry organization, a presentation for shareholders at a company’s annual meeting, or a talk to a business or community group, it is essential to be well-prepared and comfortable before an audience. A well-written presentation uses words and speaking skills to move an audience and persuade people to accept your position.


From formal policy presentations and statesman-like addresses to friendly sales and community relations talks, The Wallace Group is experienced in taking ideas and presenting them clearly, in an engaging and meaningful way.

Speech coaching

The Wallace Group will provide experienced help in refining presentation skills, working with support materials, reading one’s audience, and maintaining confidence when presenting.

Visual support

Whether graphs and charts, photos or cartoons, or video, the Wallace Group can provide the visual support that can help make a talk exceptional and memorable.


The Wallace Group can support your public speaking efforts with news releases before and after a presentation, obtaining maximum return on time invested in such appearances.

The Wallace Group

With media experience and extensive work serving companies and organizations, The Wallace Group produces award-winning videos and video news releases that gain broad exposure for the client and message promotion. We stay true to your message with professional productions you can be proud of.

Marketing and corporate videos

One-size does not fit all, and knowing your audience is the first step to effective video communication.

Video news release

Tell your story and generate television coverage through carefully crafted videos that can be distributed to and posted on social media.

Video production examples

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Public goodwill doesn’t happen by accident, but it is an essential measure for any significant organization. While critical for retailers, it is also important that manufacturers be well regarded in their headquarters and plant communities. A favorable community relations standing also helps give employees pride in the company they work for, increasing the payback.

Relationship building with area groups

Establish ties to the organization in company communities.

Liaison with neighborhood nonprofits

Localized news releases on topics of interest, highlighting company contributions.

Area information programs

If appropriate, simple periodic newsletter noting plant area developments.

Business community relations

Enhancing standing with area businesses through chambers and other groups.

Social network relations

Tapping into social media sites with a presence in your region can provide a helpful channel for imparting information about your organization.

From a well-conceived website to effective e-newsletters or opinion research, The Wallace Group can help.


Build and maintain a consistent online message that will stand tall and complement all other communications. Photos, graphics, video and copy selection can effectively draw greater search engine attention.


Electronic newsletters offer important reminders and stimulate thoughts and interaction with your key audiences.

Online survey, polling, announcements

Gaining feedback from targeted audiences on specific questions.